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Our Platform
Play - Wodo Games
Sign up to Wodo Gaming Portal, play online Wodo games with other community members and earn instant cryptocurrencies and NFTs during your game play. Plenty of games with cryptocurrency and NFT capabilities are hosted on the wodo game fleet. As a community member, you can socialize, attend tournaments, play multiplayer wodo games. Based on your activity, engagement score on the wodo gaming community, you can collect air-drops and be eligible for intensive and staking programs.
Develop - Wodo Gaming APIs - SDK
Wodo Gaming offers an integrated platform with scalable services, APIs, and a software development kit (SDK). The platform empowers game developers to use simple, interoperable blockchain APIs, NFT APIs, and metaverse APIs for accelerating the game development phases in a unified and secure way. The SDK and client libraries simplify integration between gaming projects and the Wodo Gaming APIs so that game developers can rapidly enrich their games with several use cases such as blockchain payment cases, NFT generation as in-game assets.
Launchpad - Crypto-kick-start your game
Our goal is to help the game developers to raise enough capital to crypto-kick-start their projects on a platform providing services in many aspects of the game development tasks such as game store, marketplace, metaverse integrations, crypto-payment integrations, hosting for scalability and a complete set of interoperability tools for several different blockchain technologies.
Publish - Game Store
Publish and advertise your new-generation games on the Wodo Game Store. You can reach out to Wodo Gaming community members and onboard them on your game without dealing with the hassle of the crypto world such as setting up wallets etc. The game store provides detailed search capabilities and insights to find, compare and analyze games hosted on the wodo game fleet as well as in the gaming industry.
Trade - Marketplace
Design unique NFT assets, skins, and interoperable Metaverse components and sell/buy them in the Wodo Gaming Marketplace. Wodo Gaming provides detailed analytic data and insights so that community members can compare prices and trends over cross marketplace integration capabilities.
Wodo Wallet - Wodolet
Manage your crypto assets and NFT items in one single, unified wallet. Wodolet is seamlessly integrated with all solutions of the wodo ecosystem. It connects you to your desired game instantly
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Win crypto assets while playing against real people! Its much fun this way.
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We have started with only a couple of games but we will integrate a new game weekly!
Yet, more to be announced...
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Manage your crypto assets and NFT items in one single, unified wallet.
Wodo token
Play to earn: 20%
Company Reserve: 27%
Team: 15%
Advisors: 2%
Private sale: 1%
IDO: 6%
ICO: 6%
Marketing & Social media: 12%
Liquidity pool: 10%
Airdrop: 1%
bekir dağ
Bekir Dağ
Bekir has been working as a software developer for the last 18 years, started his own web-shop in 2011. He has worked on tens of different projects of various sizes in different industries. He is strongest in product creation since he had several different roles in the product life cycle.
serhat tanrıkut
Serhat Tanrıkut
Serhat has worked for Nokia for 13 years and moved to another company in recent years after his Engineering Manager role. He has been managing international teams delivering complex, high throughput software platforms. He has vast experience in software product development, software architecture, and cloud technologies.
cathrine mccimm
Catherine Mckimm
Legal Consultant
Catherine has been a practising lawyer for over 40 years with a particular focus on commercial law and litigation. Since January 2014 she has been in-house legal counsel for an Australian based software development firm. She specialises in intellectual property and related issues.
salih genç
Salih Genç
Site Reliability & Cloud Infrastructure
Salih has 14 years of total experience as network and cloud infrastructure engineer. He worked with Cisco, Hp/Aruba, Fortinet, and many other vendors. He has vast knowledge of network designing and implementations of network infrastructure, security technologies, and cloud infrastructures.
Özgür Özmen
Asst. Prof. Özgür Özmen
Head of Research & Standardization
His publication record includes many book chapters, articles, proceedings and abstracts of international dimension covering international trade, entrepreneurship, immigration economy & entrepreneurship, EFQM/Total Quality Management and innovation management.
Q2 2021
  • Ideation
  • Design and illustration work
  • Tech investigation
  • DevOps infrastructure
Q3 2021
  • Team formation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Wodo gaming pitchdeck
  • Core platform design
  • Proof of concepts
Q4 2021
  • Website development
  • Tokenomics
  • Platform fundamentals
  • Private sale round
  • Gaming hub kick-off
Q1 2022
  • Gaming hub development
  • Platform Blockchain & NFT APIs
  • Core platform development
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Private Sale & IDO round
Q2 2022
  • Gaming hub delivery
  • Platform Metaverse APIs
  • Core platform development
  • Exchange Listing
Q3 2022
  • SDK - Client libraries Development
  • Wodolet development
  • Metaverse digital identities - PoC
  • Core platform development
Q4 2022
  • SDK - Client libraries Delivery
  • Wodolet delivery
  • Launchpad development
  • Core platform finalized
Q1 2023
  • Launchpad delivery
  • Marketplace development
  • Metaverse digital identities - Design
  • Platform improvements - Observability
Q2 2023
  • Marketplace delivery
  • Metaverse digital identities
  • Game Store Development
  • Platform improvements - Analytics
Q3 2023
  • Game Store delivery
  • Game hosting development
  • Platform improvements - Analytics
  • Core platform improvements
Q4 2023
  • Game hosting delivery
  • Platform improvements - AI Kick-off
  • Core platform improvements